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E2R4CC-RDS 2.4000pf 50.0V capacitor.
Part number: E2R4CC-RDS
Mfr: KCK
Capacitance: 2.4 pf
Voltage: 50V
Temperature: N/A
Tolerance: J
Case size: diameter: 0.2 in
Price: $0.50
$0.29 - 50 pcs
$0.18 - 100 pcs
100A2R4CP150XT 2.4000pf 150.0V capacitor.
Part number: 100A2R4CP150XT
Mfr: ATC
Capacitance: 2.4 pf
Voltage: 150V
Temperature: NPO
Tolerance: C
Case size: -
Price: $3.50
$2.99 - 50 pcs
CD2R4J1KVNPO.2X.25 2.4000pf 1000.0V capacitor.
Part number: CD2R4J1KVNPO.2X.25
Capacitance: 2.4 pf
Voltage: 1000V
Temperature: NPO
Tolerance: 5%
Case size: ameter: 0.20 in
GRM0335C1E2R4CD01D 2.4000pf 25.0V capacitor.
Part number: GRM0335C1E2R4CD01D
Capacitance: 2.4 pf
Voltage: 25V
Temperature: C0G
Tolerance: .25%
Case size: -
Price: $0.25
$0.16 - 100 pcs